We stand together as a social civil rights movement in solidarity in the UK and across the globe to change the world. We kneel together for peace and unity asserting Black Lives Matter, and that Black people are treated as humanely and fairly as White people. It is a human right to receive racial equality, social and criminal justice in the societies where we live, and to receive parity as full citizens of the country and as a nation.


We are apolitcal -  Meaning this is a non-political, non-partisan, non-violence platform. Some content published on this website may have limited political content by the very nature of a state governed country, and system of democracy.

We operate in a humanitarian capacity and concern first and foremost. We believe racism transcends politics and endeavour to avoid distractions that attempt to get in the way of dismantling racist systems and harm that racism causes right across and around the world.

We are are not operating in any political capacity. We are not a member of or connected with any political party nor are we staging a political campaign. 

Racial equality and social justice are the main goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement.


Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated or associated with BLM US the politcal organisation, registered as the Black Lives Matter Global Network Inc, neither are we affilated, or associated with @ukblm the politcal collective registered  in the UK operating under the name of the Black Liberation Movement UK. Nor with any other political party or group in the UK or abroad.

IOPC - Independent Office of Police Conduct
IOPC - Independent Office of Police Conduct
Read all the information we hold on each police force in England and Wales. This includes details about IOPC investigations, news releases and anonymised summaries and recommendations. You can filter the information by date, type or area of interest.

IOPC also publish performance data for each force. This sets out how they handle and resolve complaints.

The 75th anniversary of Windrush is a chance to honour those early Windrush pioneers, tackle the injustices they have faced and pass the torch to the next generation

Deny, Deny, deny as much as you want MET Police you remain institutionally racist organisation.


March 2022 BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK we wrote to at least 14 people in public office to share parents and the nations shared outrage at the treatment and lack of safeguarding for Child Q. We still have grave concerns for Black children’s human rights and dignity. Sadly their rights, safeguarding and protection are all too often denied in institutions, from people in environments having power over them. It’s not uncommon for our children to be left unprotected from harm whilst they are in the care and supervision of local authority, care and services.

The outright lack of care from professionals in this instance is heinous, and all involved must not get away with treating children with little respect and human dignity even on a basic level.

A review found racism played a part in the unlawful strip search of a Child Q at a school and with Teachers and police shared and equal involvement and responsibility. Both failed dismally. Each step of the way the 'so called ‘professionals showed inadequacy in their positions. They have a duty of care, and now they must to be held accountable.

Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review

5.63 Finding 8: Having considered the context of the incident, the views of those engaged in the review and the impact felt by Child Q and her family, racism (whether deliberate or not) was likely to have been an influencing factor in the decision to undertake a strip search.

The outraged was nationwide, highlighted with protests taking place at Stoke Newington police station on Friday 18th and Sunday Hackney Town Hall 20th March 2022.

While our email is being passed to another Home Office’s Direct Communications Unit we sharing a letter received with you, see below.

Child Q -

Hackney Council


Email Letter Format: 25/03/2022

Dear whom it may concern

Thank you for writing to the Council regarding the Local Child Safeguarding Practice review into the case of Child Q. As Group Director for Children & Education, I am responding on behalf of the

My thoughts are first and foremost with the child and her family. We know that there will have been a traumatic impact on this girl, her family and those closest to her. Please be assured that the Council is continuing to offer support to Child Q and her family, who are our utmost priority.

The anonymity of Child Q is paramount and anything said or done to identify her would be wrong....

Jacquie Burke
Group Director (Children & Education)

2nd Floor, Hackney Town Hall
020 8356 8032
Executive Support Officer:


Child Q -

Education Department

Email Letter Format: 11/04/2022

"Dear Correspondent

Thank you for your recent correspondence following the publication of the local child safeguarding practice review on 14 March 2022, and the concerns you have raised on behalf of Child Q.

I hope you will appreciate that, whilst many people have contacted the department to find reason and justice on Child Q’s behalf, it is of paramount importance that the anonymity of Child Q and her family, and that of the  chool, are preserved. The department is in touch with the local authority, and they are supporting Child Q.

I am sure you will also appreciate that the ongoing Independent Office for Police Conduct investigation means it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on the actions taken by the police.

Nothing is more important than a child’s welfare and everyone who comes into contact with children has a role to play in ensuring that their welfare considerations remain paramount. There is a shared responsibility between organisations and agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children in a local area at all times. Further, it is the duty of the statutory safeguarding partners, police, local authority and health  to join up the activities and policies of all multi-agency partners to ensure children are safe..."

Department for Education


'To contact the Department for Education please call the National Helpline on 0370 000 2288 or use the contact form which can be found at www.gov.uk/contact-dfe. We will endeavour to provide you with a response within 15 working days, or 20 working days if your request was made under the Freedom of Information Act.

If you have concerns that a child is at an immediate risk of harm, please contact your local authority or the Police on 101.

If you are concerned about extremism in a school or organisations that works with children, or if you think a child might be at risk of extremism, contact the National Helpline.'

Child Q -

Home Office


Email & Letter Format: April 2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email of 17 March to the Minister for Safeguarding about the deeply
concerning report released by City and Hackney Safeguarding Partnership into the strip
search of a 15-year-old schoolgirl (Child Q) by police officers in 2020. Your email has been passed to the Home Office’s Direct Communications Unit for a reply.

This experience will have been traumatic for the child, her family and the community, and the impact upon her welfare should not be underestimated. Strip search is one of the most intrusive powers available to the police and the law is very clear that the use of police powers to search must be fair, respectful and without unlawful discrimination. Any use of strip search should be carried out in accordance with the law and with full regard for the welfare and dignity of the individual being searched, particularly if that  ndividual is a child.

If police judge it operationally necessary to strip search a child, they must do so in the presence of the child’s appropriate adult.

Stephen Gearing

Email: Public.Enquiries@homeoffice.gov.uk

Direct Communications Unit
2 Marsham Street
Tel: 020 7035 4848



Hackney council has challenged the Met to again, accept that institutional racism

Hackney council has challenged the Met to “again, accept that institutional racism as defined in the Stephen Lawrence report – is a consistent factor in the relationship between the police and the Black and Global Majority communities, and in their wider experiences”. They said this might prevent a similar incident happening again and restore trust and confidence.

The girl was strip-searched at her east London school by two female officers in Hackney in December 2020, after being wrongly suspected of carrying drugs.

Protests were held in London last month after a report by the City & Hackney Safeguarding Children Partnership, which found that Child Q – who was having her period at the time – was made to remove her clothing, underwear and a sanitary pad, spread her buttocks and cough.

The review concluded that racism was “likely” to have been a factor, Child Q should never have been strip-searched and there was an absence of a safeguarding-first approach.

Read more in the guardian - click here

Black schoolgirl strip searched by police while on her period – report

A safeguarding review found that ‘racism was likely to have been an influencing factor’.

No Police in Schools Demo  - 4pm Friday 18th March Stoke Newington Police Station



Girl, 15, was strip-searched ‘because of racist attitudes’

Metropolitan Police officers based at Stoke Newington Police Station were almost certainly influenced by racism, racist attitudes and perceptions and adultification of Black girls when they decided to strip-searched a 15-year-old Black schoolgirl who was menstruating.

The MET has now apologised after the secondary school pupil, who was wrongly suspected of carrying cannabis, was searched without another adult present, in a breach of the rules.

Diane Abbott MP on Twitter: "The indignities that Child Q was subjected to are not an aberration, they're part of a bigger picture of institutional racism and discrimination within policing. I’m appalled this happened in Hackney and I've written to the Borough Commander demanding an urgent meeting #ChildQ 

@HackneyCopWatch  and other groups are organising against the harms of policing in schools and elsewhere. For further reading on the issue of police in schools you can find a range of resources here: Resources | No Police In Schools

Stoke Newington Police Station Demo

•••► Friday 18th March 2022 @4pm


IOPC Tackle MET Culture



Britain’s most senior police leaders are considering making a public admission that their forces are institutionally racist, the Guardian has learned.

High-level discussions began on Thursday and come as their special adviser on race says the declaration is needed if promises of radical reform are to be believed by Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities. More discussions will be held in January, and a decision from police chiefs is expected in February.

"The race crisis that has gripped policing led to thousands of people taking to the streets across the UK in support of Black Lives Matter, triggered by the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in the US in May 2020."

Read: Guardian Exclusive


Two Met officers and a former officer charged over WhatsApp messages.


22 Feb 2022

IOPC name two serving Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers and one former MPS officer who are to appear in court charged in connection with our investigation into the sending and sharing of inappropriate messages on WhatsApp.

Police constable (PC) Jonathon Cobban, aged 35, and former constable Joel Borders, 45, are both charged with five counts of sending grossly offensive messages on a public communications network contrary to section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. - Read report

PC William Neville, 33, is charged with two counts of the same offence.

IOPC recommendations to tackle Met culture after investigation uncovers bullying and harassment in the ranks


01 Feb 2022

Other inappropriate behaviour by officers, including, racism, misogyny, harassment and the exchange of offensive social media messages, is also highlighted in a learning report we are now publishing from our Operation Hotton investigations. The investigations focused on teams formed to tackle crime and disorder in the Westminster area and were expanded after officers came forward to report concerns about the conduct of colleagues.

The 15 recommendations we have made seek to tackle underlying cultural issues by preventing environments from developing in which unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour can thrive and go unchallenged. Included are recommendations for the MPS to publicly commit to being an anti-racist organisation with a zero-tolerance policy towards sexism, misogyny, bullying and harassment.

- see report

IOPC Primary Tag


Stop & Search: Dawn Butler Investigates

Major step for Black Lives Matter Movement as trademark is granted

In a major step forward, the Black Lives Matter Movement has been granted a trademark, with founder Saphia Maxamed saying that it is a “huge development”.

The trademark covers areas including clothing, fragrances, statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, as well as retail services relating to fragrancing preparations.

“As licensing professionals, we know how important a trademark is; it is the very existence of our industry,” commented Saphia Maxamed, md of London Entertainment Inc and founder of BLM Licensing. “This is a huge development for our movement. It gives us credibility and legitimacy of our licensing programme."

By Samantha Loveday
May 10, 2022

Black Lives Matter Movement EST . 2020 ®


Owners: Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd 


Trade Mark Registered No. UK00003751705

® R circled symbol stands for registered trademark.

The owner of a registered trademark may commence legal proceedings for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorised use of that trademark.

Black Lives Matter Licensing Movement secures full trademark rights in landmark ruling

Two years on from the tragic death of George Floyd and the uproar that sparked its global movement, Black Lives Matter has been granted the full trademark rights for Black Lives Matter Licensing in a landmark ruling that signifies positive change in the licensing space. Black Lives Matter Licensing is a non-partisan, unifying arm of the Black Lives Matter Movement here in the UK and a commercial endeavour established to amplify black voices across the consumer products sector while generating revenue to benefit the black community. 

By Rob Hutchins Products of Change Writer 

Mon 09 May 2022


The Black Lives Matter Exhibtion

Preview on YouTube

To go directly to gallery to explore and have th Full Experience of Exhibition •••► Click here


Wales’ Black Lives Matter placards go on display at St Fagans National Museum of History


Racism And Racist Systems Have NO Bounds

Hundreds of Africans trapped in Ukraine warzone

Racial segregation on the border as Polish and Ukrainian guards deny safe passage 'based on skin colour'

HUNDREDS OF AFRICANS have spent up to three freezing days and nights on the Poland-Ukraine border prevented from leaving the warzone, according to multiple sources.

Read Article: Voice Online

Ukraine: Concerns mount as black people report racism while fleeing war zone

‘It is obvious that we Africans are regarded as lower beings,’ says Nze, forced to walk several hours to Polish border

Read Article: Independent Online

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Timeline


Britain Separated Palestine from Ottoman Empire


Palestine Granted to Britain -

In February 1947 the British Government announced that responsibility for Palestine would be handed back to the UN and troops would be withdrawn from Palestine by June 1948. Agreement between Arab Palestinian and Zionist leaders had proved impossible and Britain had no support from erstwhile allies or disloyal factions in Britain.


Limited Jewish Migration to Palestine

>> See all events

The police have sought to recruit a mole within the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK.

The anti-racism campaigner Lowri Davies shared the recording with the Guardian to raise awareness of what she alleges were “distressing” techniques used to try to manipulate her into providing information to the police. 

UPDATE: 14 Feb 2022

BLMSwansea. We’re dissolving our organisation for a number of reasons, including the physical and mental safety of all of our team members. Whilst we have found that our organisation has done some important work Read Twitter thread 1-5

SPY COPS - Police in Swansea, South Wales, UK attempt to recruit Black Lives Matter activist as an informant

Lowri Davies exposes Welsh Police who unsuccessfully attempted to recruit her for information on Black Lives Matter.

Lowri is one of the co-founders of the Swansea Black Lives Matter group and this is the first known public record of police attempting to recruit a mole from a member of the Black Lives Matter movement in Britain.

Government minister is a 'racist relic of the past'

23rd February 2022

Black Lives Matter say ‘Abolish Jacob Rees-Mogg’

MAD HATTER: Jacob Rees-Mogg pitches in for the culture war

TORY TOFF Jacob Rees-Mogg was slammed by Black Lives Matter after the government minister banned civil servants from supporting the BLM movement.

The black civil rights group said that “race-hater” Rees-Mogg was a remnant of a bygone racist era that should be “permanently abolished.”

Remarks by the Jacob Rees-Mogg are just the latest in a long line of attacks on BLM by ministers.

A spokesperson from Black Lives Matter UK said: “Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is a political irrelevance to the Black Lives Matter Movement, which is a humanitarian, social and civil rights movement that will outlive his meagre mortal existence.

“He and his likeminded cronies with similar prejudice, racist inclination and tendencies really couldn’t care less about British Black and Brown people, nor have a desire to ever witness and live in and through racial equality in Britain, in their lifetime and to be fair the feeling of not caring for him and his cronies is genuinely mutual but for very different reasons.

“We are for racial equality for all people, unlike his stagnant bad self and similar race haters. His mindset is as antiquated as the colonial British system that to this very day has throw back remnants still existing in Britain that seriously needs to be thoroughly overhauled, recognised as racially offensive, addressed and ultimately discontinued, and permanently abolished, this is in reference to the Queens ‘British Empire’ honours, since mentioned the Queen in his statement.”

Read Article: Voice Online

Read more: •••► Black Lives Matter aritcles from the Voice News Online

The House of Windsor

Inside News!

The Royal Household Supports Black Lives Matter

Ol' Toff Mogg seems not to have received Queen's memo 

Speaking on a podcast for Conservative, the 'mad hatter' Tory MP expressed that permanent secretaries should remain “completely apolitical” unless backing state occasions like Remembrance Sunday and the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee.

The British Mad Hatter, class elite, Toff aka Rees Mogg seems not to have received the memo from the Queen of Britain who supports the Black Lives Matter apolitcal cause and the Black Lives Matter Movement fighting for racial equality that many tories still with plums permanently stuck in their mouths and racist  likes strive and work to deny.

The Royal Family Supports Black Lives Matter

Queen Elizabeth Supports Black Lives Matter Movement 


Sir Ken Olisa

Lord-Lieutenant for London

09 September 2021

The Queen and the royal family are supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, one of Her Majesty’s representatives has said.

Sir Ken Olisa, the first black Lord-Lieutenant for London revealed on film to Channel 4 that he had discussed the topic of racism with members of the royal household in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in the US and civil protest worldwide, May 2020.

In an interview with the broadcaster, he said: “I have discussed with the royal household this whole issue of race particularly in the last 12 months since the George Floyd incident".

He went on to say “It’s a hot conversation topic. The question is what more can we do to bind society to remove these barriers."

“They [the royals] care passionately about making this one nation bound by the same values.”

Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, the first black Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, stressed that the Royal Family and household support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Profiled on the official website of his Whitehall-based Lieutenancy office, Sir Ken acts as ‘Her Majesty’s representative in Greater London and is charged with upholding the dignity of the Crown’. Kenneth Olisa spoke to Channel 4 as part of the Black to Front Project, a dedicated roster of broadcasting on 10 September 2020 focused on ‘Black presenters, actors, writers and experts, contributors, and programme-makers.’

The Felling of Colston

Chronicling the felling of the statue of Edward Colston–a 17th Century slave trader–during a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol, England, and how this act of rebellion made waves across the UK and the World.

Arthur Cauty

The Colston Four

Out of a crowd of ten thousand, four people were singled out and put on trial for the toppling of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol during a Black Lives Matter march. They came to be known as The Colston Four.

Arthur Cauty

Black Lives Matter: Bristol 7th June 2020

A glimpse into the Black Lives Matter march in Bristol, England on June 7th 2020. Thousands of people gathered at College Green to make a stand against the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minnesota, and the continued institutionalised oppression and dehumanization of black people...

Arthur Cauty


Loud cheers erupted in the public gallery of Bristol Crown Court as the verdicts were announced!

Sage Willoughby, Rhian Graham, Milo Ponsford and Jake Skuse accused of illegally removing a statue of Edward Colston have been cleared of criminal damage.

Sage Willoughby, Rhian Graham, Milo Ponsford and Jake Skuse

All four were charged after a monument to the 17th Century slave trader was pulled down during a Black Lives Matter protest in the city and thrown into Bristol's harbourside June 2020.

Britain’s shameful slavery history matters – that’s why a jury acquitted the Colston 4 

Jurors were asked to rule that Edward Colston’s heinous crimes were immaterial, but they chose to put themselves on the right side of history.

Britain and America were built up, on the backs, blood, and souls of Black African slaves


5th Jan 2022

Bristol Crown Court


“The events did not destroy history, they created history,” 

“I urge you, unapologetically, to be on the right side of history,”

2021 was a turbulent year for race in Britain. So what next?

At the end of Black History Month, The Guardian asked prominent Black British figures to assess where the UK stands in terms of equality and cohesion

Oxford University St Peter's College and other elite institutions accused of ‘hypocrisy’ over multi-million-pound Mosley donation


Fascist party and Mosely roamed the streets of Dalston, East London and Notting Hill, West London seeking out Afro-Caribbean men beat up

Academics, Professor Lawrence Goldman hit out at ‘moral failure’ over decision to ‘take money from a fund established by proven and known fascists’ 

"The Mosleys should spend the money on the communities they terrorised..."

It,s time for those renowned Oxford student activists to advocate that ‘Mosley Must Fall"

Max Mosley was a racist and fascist. Max Mosley was in charge of 'the youth movement' of his father's (Oswald Moseley) fascist party and he roamed the streets of Notting Hill in the period 1959-62 looking for Afro-Caribbean men to beat up. His father, titled Sir Oswald Mosley, was the leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s. Max Mosley published racist and abusive election literature about the Windrush generation. 

In total, Max Mosley made donations of £12 million to the University of Oxford and to St. Peter's in the years before his death in May, 2021. His violent and racist past was public knowledge from 2018, but the University continued to take race hate money from him, nonetheless. 

Contact the Vice-Chancellor, Louise Richardson, and the Master of St. Peter's, Judith Buchanan, College Registrar Catherine Whalley to make your feelings known. See direct emails below


Postal Address:

University of Oxford
University Offices
Wellington Square
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1865 270000
Fax: +44 1865 270708


Catherine Whalley (catherine.whalley@spc.ox.ac.uk)

Postal Address:

St Peter's College
New Inn Hall Street

General enquiries 

Tel: +44 (0)1865 278900

Oxford University - TWITTER: @UniofOxford

St Peter's College Oxford - TWITTER: @SPC_Oxford 


The ‘Vote Hesketh’ leaflet published by Max Mosley. Photograph: Handout

Black Lives Matter UK (BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK) has written to Oxford's University's vice-chancellor and to the master of St Peter's College hours after the Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said Oxford must explain to Jewish students why it accepted money from the Mosley charitable trust. 

We have written in protest laying out what we rightfully and morally expect Oxford and St Peter's to do.

We wrote to tell them in essence that the Mosley money should be returned. No university should touch money belonging to fascists and racists, especially violent racists. 

The university was given £6million from a charitable trust set up by motor-racing tycoon Max Mosley from the inheritance he received from his father, Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, the Telegraph reported.

It's also been revealed two colleges, St Peter's College and Lady Margaret Hall (LMH) previously accepted more than £6.3 million from the Mosley family trust.

Who is Professor Lawrence Goldman?

Professor Lawrence Goldman


Lawrence Goldman is the whistle-blower featured in the press, with extensive coverage in the Daily Telegraph who who read up on all the history and issues about Max Mosley's 'benefactions' to Oxford University. Also, reporting in the TimesSky News, Daily Mail, Guardian and more.

Lawrence Goldman was a fellow of St. Peter's College, Oxford and held a lectureship in the Oxford History Faculty for 29 years. For all that time, as well as teaching British History, he taught the history of slavery in the United States, particularly the final year Special Subject 'Slavery, Race and the Crisis of the Union 1857-1875'. He is now retired and an emeritus fellow of St. Peter's. 

Lawrence Goldman (retired emeritus fellow of St. Peter's) is still using his voice for fair justice and will NOT fall silent, he's been consistent and is STILL taking a public stance on racial injustices and calling out the institutional hypocrites THEY ARE!

Who was Kelso Benjamin Cochrane?


In Britain, Kelso Cochrane worked as a carpenter whilst saving to attend law school. On May 17, three weeks before his wedding he was murdered.

Around midnight on May 16, Cochrane left his fiancée’s flat in Notting Hill for Paddington General Hospital to seek treatment for a thumb injury. In order to reach the hospital, Cochrane had to pass a popular pub frequented by Sir Oswald Mosley, a well-known white nationalist and staunch anti-immigrant advocate, and his supporters. From across the street, six white men shouted, “Hey, Jim Crow” at Cochrane. The men then descended upon him and stabbed him. A taxi driver rushed Cochrane to St. Charles’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:00 a.m. Cochrane’s last words were, “They asked me for money. I told them I had none.” Read Blackpast article


The Mosleys’ ‘Union Movement’ took to the streets and whipped up racism on a massive scale in North Kensington, igniting race riots and setting the scene for murders. The Mosleys worked for a white racist uprising and a race war.

Kelso Cochrane was among their first victims.

Mosley led his campaign on an anti-immigration platform, calling for forced repatriation of Caribbean immigrants as well as a prohibition upon mixed-race marriages.

Oxford University Professor Lawrence Goldman has spoken up on the current issue of the donation from the Mosley charitable trust and warned that the Mosley millions must be rejected. He said: ‘Some might call it blood money. Everything about the Mosley family and the Mosley name is contaminated.’

He continued: ‘My story is not uncommon. My grandfather lost two siblings, their spouses and five nieces and nephews in the holocaust.’ Professor Goldman has written an Open Letter to all of the governing body fellows of St Peters College appealing to each of them personally to use their vote to stop the donation.

He has warned that accepting such a donation would be a disaster for the college and pose a threat to the existence of Oxford University.

In fact, the students’ and workers’ unions at Oxford must now take a stand and tell the governing body that it will take strike action all along the line unless this donation is returned to its bloody sender at once.

The Oxford Blood Money Must Be Returned To Sender At Once!



Ghanaian sculptor Kwame Akoto-Bamfo - BBC New Africa who sculpts faces that represent those who were stolen from their homelands in the transatlantic slave trade.





Kwame Akoto-Bamfo

You see the faces of our ancestors

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo - Sculptor

Our Ancestor, lest we forget...

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo - Sculptor

Portraits of Africans who were imprisoned

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo - Sculptor

Kidnapped or coerced into slavery

British History: Black and British

Royden Allen & Panya Banjoko - When We Worked At Raleigh
Raleigh promotional imagery, specifically used in foreign sales of Ral
Royden Allen - When We Worked At Raleigh

When We Worked at Raleigh

The When We Worked at Raleigh Project Celebrates the Lives of the Factory's Black British Caribbean Workers

"When We Worked at Raleigh (May 2019-present) is a project led by Nottingham Black Archive and Primary documenting the experiences of members of the Windrush generation, and their descendants, who worked for Raleigh Industries from the 1950s to the 1980s. Over the course of the project, Nottingham Black Archive will collect oral histories and historical material, documenting arrival and day-to-day experiences, and contributions to challenging racism and increasing workplace equality in one of Nottingham’s most famous industries."

Panya Banjoko - Don't Blame the Blacks

Previously based in the Howitt Building on Lenton Boulevard, Raleigh Industries manufactured bicycles in the mid-20th century that were distributed internationally; one of the main exportation sites was Jamaica. At one point almost every African Caribbean household in Nottingham had at least one family member who was employed by Raleigh. Whilst many cities celebrate their historic buildings and industries, the contribution of minority groups is often overlooked. Recognising, commemorating, and learning from this contribution feels essential in contemporary Britain, where members of this community have been hit by the Windrush Scandal, and both established and new communities are affected by the ‘hostile environment’.

Project leads: Panya Banjoko ( Nottingham Black Archive ) and Rebecca Beinart (Primary)

Weareprimary.org projects-archive - When We Worked at Raleigh

Oswald George Powe - When We Worked At Raleigh

Don’t Blame the Blacks Exhibition Highlights Extraordinary Activism of Oswald George Powe

Curated by Nottingham Black Archive founder Panya Banjoko, Don’t Blame the Blacks explores the history of Nottingham’s black communities since the 1950s. The title of the exhibition comes from a seminal text written by Oswald George Powe, a labour unionist, activist, and politician whose life and work is the focus of the collection. Using archival material to build a rich picture of the activist streak in Nottingham’s black communities, the exhibition sheds light on the importance of Powe and his fight against racial discrimination at Raleigh Industries. 

RAF recruits in WW2

George Powe was a Caribbean RAF servicemember from WW2 who trained in Hunmanby Moor, Filey, East Yorkshire.

George Powe was politically aware and involved himself in local and national politics, trade unionism and actively fought racial discrimination. In 1956 he wrote and had published an important political pamphlet in conjunction with the Afro-Asian West Indian Union (of which he was the secretary). It was called “Don’t Blame The Blacks”.

He had been inspired to act following the Race Riots in 1958 and campaigned to change the employment policy at Raleigh Cycles Nottingham, but with negotiations failing he sought the assistance of Norman Manley, Jamaica’s first Premier, leading to an embargo of bicycle imports from England.

Oswald George Powe - RAF Recruit

Oswald George Powe - RAF Recruit

This action helped change the company’s policy, Raleigh subsequently becoming one of the largest employers of African Caribbean workers in Nottingham. Read more - African Yorkshire Project

Listen on SoundCloud

Listen online for free on SoundCloud - 

hese were Black Employees of Raleigh Industries between 1950's and the 1980's, click on images to hear their personal experiences

In an ideal world we wouldn’t need a Black History Month

Black history is every day and month of every year

There shouldn't be a need to cram Black history into a single month of October, each year.

The teaching of Black history should be a part of a continuous education viewed through the wider lens of human history. And furthermore, it’s high time that the often sanitised version of black history taught in schools is radically transformed...Richard Sudan argues that black history underpins the present-day struggle for equity. Read > The Voice Online

A Killing in Tiger Bay

1: 1 THE MURDER - On Valentine's Day 1988, a young girl is discovered brutally murdered in Cardiff's docklands. Despite evidence pointing to a lone white male killer a ten month investigation concludes with the arrest of five local black men. What happens next beggars belief

  • 59 mins
  • First shown 9 Sep 2021
  • Available for 11 months

1:2 THE TRIAL - Despite the lack of any forensic evidence tying the men to the crime, they are put on trial and face a marathon ordeal at court in what would become Britain's longest murder trial. Their fate rests on a police confession from one of the five men accused - but can this testimony be trusted?

  • 59 mins
  • First shown 9 Sep 2021
  • Available for 11 months

1:3 THE RECKONING - Despite the lack of any forensic evidence tying the men to the crime, they are put on trial and face a marathon ordeal at court in what would become Britain's longest murder trial. Their fate rests on a police confession from one of the five men accused - but can this testimony be trusted?

  • 59 mins
  • First shown 9 Sep 2021
  • Available for 11 months

Breakfast Clubs Against Racism

We are pleased to announce we have funded and partnered and with Breakfast Clubs Against Racism who have recently registered as a UK charity.


Introduction to Breakfast Clubs Against Racism

Breakfast Clubs Against Racism launches its first 3 breakfast clubs in London. Breakfast clubs are a 10-week project, every Saturday morning, designed to guide the students through topics such as:

  • How to recognise institutional racism and how to combat it

  • Stereotyping and why it’s so harmful

  • Breaking the cycle of oppression

  • How to stand up against racial discrimination

  • How to be a leader and create change for the next generation

About Breakfast Clubs Against Racism

Breakfast Clubs Against Racism has been developed to teach children about racism and to deliver education and leadership skills to young people.

This is a FREE project to attend and we will have 15 spaces on each club.

Breakfast Clubs Against Racism still have spaces at their clubs in Peckham and Lewisham and they would love for it to be at full capacity. Sign Up! 

⇣ click to sign our petition against racism in football
⇣ click to sign our petition against racism in football
⇣ click to sign our petition against racism in football
⇣ click to sign our petition against racism in football



You can report an incident of discrimination in football - whether it took place online or at a grassroots, non-league or professional game - by filling in the online reporting form below. 

Visit Kick It Out’sOther Reporting Methods’, you can if you prefer contact KICK IT OUT via a different format, Download Kick It Out Apps - Click Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

3 Lions

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Bukayo Saka

Black Lives Matter

Above: Manchester shows support for Marcus Rashford: ‘It’s evolved into something special’

Below: Raheem, Marcus and Bukayo on family

THE BBC - 12/07/21

Racist abuse of England players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka 'unforgivable'


Englands Football Team Players - Paved the way Euro 2020 final

‘Pride of lions’: what the papers say about England’s Euro final defeat

Heartbreak is the word of the day as newspapers capture the poignant end of a thrilling journey for the football team that dared to dream

Budapest - Monkey chants aimed at players during game

Sep 2021 - England players targeted with racist abuse in Hungary during World Cup qualifying win.

The evils of racism continue and has no boundaries.



Racism in Sport across the pond - US Athletes listen to their stories. Speak up for what’s right. Silence is not an option. #BlackLivesMatter.



Evidence of Police Racism 

The opening seconds of this video on the BBC shows a police officer repeatedly punching a young Black male in the head, approx. 6-10 times.

This is disproportionate in contrast to White males breaching barriers, excessive force and clearly opportunist, police officer taking full advantage of the situation, racially motivated intention on part of the police officer.


White Privilege & Public Disorder

Crowd of White males doing exactly what the young Black male was doing, entering Wembley Stadium without tickets walk past largely unchallenged or punched in the head once unlike the multiple times as we see on film footage of the Black male targeted by the police officer to him bring down.

Racism lives in the force

Stop and search: The controversial police power (Documentary) - BBC StorieS

Documentary maker Aaron Roach Bridgeman who has been stopped and searched himself multiple times, investigates the stop and search terminology, its interpretation and finds out more from suspects, police, campaigners and others directly affecte. He stresses the importance of remaining calm.




People across the country are calling for reform of our drugs laws. This is not only a matter of political debate, but an issue that affects real people from all backgrounds.

Listen to the voices of those directly affected by drug policy, and why they want change now, on our 50 Voices page.


Meet the families. The stories below tell how the members of Anyone’s Child have been negatively affected by the drug war, and why they chose to become part of this campaign. Please read and share - Read more...


Families, activists, lawyers, politicians, police officers are all part of our growing movement calling for change. Watch our 50 stories to hear why more and more people are calling for an end to the Misuse of Drugs Act.

The History of Cannabis Regulation

Please read -

There is a troubling racial disparity in the targeting and punishment of Black people for drug related offences. Despite being no more or even less likely to use drugs than white people, Black people are far more likely to be charged for possession rather than cautioned, to be taken to court, to be fined or imprisoned and to get a criminal record than their white counterparts. Black people are also nearly more than 10 times as likely to get stopped and searched for drugs than white people.

The criminalisation of young Black boys needs to STOP where White counterparts mostly walk free without ever having a criminal record for social drug use.

The Police need to STOP racially using the misuse of drugs act to victimising young Black people.


WW1- The Working Lads Institute was the first of its kind in London to admit black people and Rev Thomas Jackson, the founder, is pictured here with five soldiers at the time of World War I

Learn More - Spitalfields, whitechapel lads

African-American veterans lynched after World War I

When they returned home from World War I, African-American veterans faced heavy discrimination. This article focuses on those African American veterans who were lynched after World War I.

Learn More - WIKI

New London riots of 1919

White and Black sailors and marines occupied separate living quarters at the Naval submarine base in Groton, Connecticut in 1919. Racial tensions were high in the Groton and New London area from May to June, and there were several confrontations between the two groups. Black sailors reported that white sailors attacked them, and White Marines accused the Black sailors of waiting for them after dark when they crossed Long Cove Bridge.

Learn More - WIKI


Click image or here to read article. It's written to explore and highlight the lack of recognition given to those Black men and women who served the colonisers in The “Great War”, otherwise known as WWI. The war was prompted by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, it lasted 4 years, and was supposedly largely fought between European powers. The war saw the death of over 16 million people, and ultimately lead to the rise of Adolf Hitler and eventually, World War II. This is a summary of everything that the history books in the school curriculums want us to know about that war. However, in this blog post I wanted to shed more light on the forgotten army, the Black army - that who were truly the unsung heroes of these European victories.


“Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”   

  ~ John Lewis 8/6/2020 





Black lives matter is not a political argument for debate, it is a moral stance and act of humanity.

We all have a responsibility to change our communities, our shared society and the world we all live.

Let's create a world where Everyone feels included.



Richard Okorogheye

What happened to Richard Okorogheye?

The mother of Richard Okorogheye has spoken of her heart being “ripped apart” after the student’s body was found in a lake in Epping Forest, Essex.
Richard Okorogheye

What happened to Richard Okorogheye?

The mother of Richard Okorogheye has spoken of her heart being “ripped apart” after the student’s body was found in a lake in Epping Forest, Essex.
Death of Christopher Kapessa
Who was Christopher?

A 13 year old black child, who was pushed into a river and drowned by his peers. Within 24 hours of his death, CPS ruled it non suspicious and closed the case even though there is evidence to prosecute.

Help us demand justice. #justiceforchristopherkapessa

“Justice for Christopher Kapessa”

Click to sign petition

Christopher - The Boy Who Never Came Home

BBC Wales Investigates

A schoolboy told his mum he was going out to play – but his body was found in a river. Police initially said it wasn’t suspicious, but Christopher Kapessa’s mum kept asking questions. Now she’s fighting for the teenager who pushed him into the water in what prosecutors say was a 'foolish prank' to be charged with manslaughter.

Death of Shukri Abdi, 12, in Bury river an accident, says coroner

Schoolgirl drowned in River Irwell, where she was with a group of other children

Shukri Abdi's death: from a 999 call to a coroner's verdict via global protests

The refugee schoolgirl always came home on time, until one day she didn’t, sparking a high-profile campaign for justice


27 June 2021 is two years since the lose of Shukri Abdi. Heart still hurt, never forget her, say her name until we have #JusticeForShukriAbdi

Dea-John Ried, 14, racially abused before being chased and stabbed to death in Birmingham

Dea-John Ried, 14-year-old was chased and stabbed to death in Birmingham on Monday 31 May 2021 and was subjected to racial abuse before the assault, police understand.

West Midlands Police today named the victim as teenager Dea-John Reid and said that racist language was directed towards him and his friends before the attack.


Black Children Matter



Noah Donohoe 14 yrs disappeared in North Belfast in June 21st, shortly after he was seen cycling near the Shore Roadsparking a huge search effort. His body was later found in a storm drain.
Noah's mother Fiona has launched a public appeal to find out what happened to her son. She has set up dedicated pages on Twitter and Facebook, called MyNoah Donohoe, as she seeks answers about his disappearance and death.
Mayor pledges support for 'Remembering Noah' campaign

The Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Councillor Brian Tierney, has pledged his support to the family of teenager Noah Donohoe, as they continue to seek answers surrounding his tragic death.
Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
The Noah Donohoe Foundation

Noah Donohoe (14) went missing from his home in South Belfast on Sunday 21st June 2020. His Mum Fiona has set up the Noah Foundation in his memory; a foundation that will support the causes and issues that Noah cared about.

Charity Registration No. 105105

A Mother's fight for justice!
Justice Mohamud Hassan
Justice Mohamud Hassan
Police officer served misconduct notice as part of investigation into Mohamud Hassan's death.

Mohamud Hassan came into contact with 52 police officers within the hours before his death

Click image above to
Four South Wales Police officers served misconduct notices
Four South Wales Police officers served misconduct notices
Four South Wales Police officers served misconduct notices in Mohamud Hassan investigation

Three further police officers have been served misconduct notices concerning their decision-making on use of force on Mr Hassan during his arrest and another has been served a gross misconduct notice relating to police professional standards

Leon Briggs died in hospital after being restrained and detained. The court had heard that 'prone restraint and prolonged struggle', according to the post mortem, were a primary cause of death.

Click to read story...
Inquest jurors identify police and ambulance failings before 39-year-old’s death in Luton in 2013

The way in which police officers restrained a man with drug-induced psychosis “more than minimally” contributed to his death in Luton in 2013, an inquest jury in Milton Keynes has found by unanimous verdict.

Leon Briggs, a 39-year-old father of two of mixed ethnic background, was a lorry driver and also taught computer skills to older people. His family described him as “a loving brother and fathe
Beds Police apologises to Leon Briggs' family after inquest finds failings 'contributed' to his death

Bedfordshire Police has apologised to the family of Leon Briggs after an inquest concluded significant failings by officers "contributed" to his death seven years ago.

Tupac 1992

Tupac Shakur passionately explains his views on generosity and responsibility, traits he feels some people with extreme wealth like Donald Trump lack, in this MTV News clip from 1992.

RSC Artists speak up

RSC Artists speak up. #BlackLivesMatter

I can't Breathe: Black and Dead in Custody

|Contains upsetting scenes|

Panorama investigates why Black men in the UK are more likely than white men to have force used on them by police and to die in police custody. 

Reporter Mark Daly follows the family of Kevin Clarke on their search for justice. Mr Clarke repeatedly said, 'I can’t breathe' as he was restrained by police on the ground for 14 minutes during a mental health crisis. He died soon afterwards, his words mirroring those of George Floyd, whose death in the US triggered a global debate on race and policing. 

The programme also reveals fresh evidence in Scotland’s most high-profile death in custody. Sheku Bayoh died in 2015 after being restrained by up to six officers.

  • Duration 29 mins
  • First shown 7:35pm 18 Jan 2021
  • Available for 11 months expires 17 Oct 2021

Audio Described: Sign Language

In the early morning of September 28 1985, armed police raided 22 Normandy Road in Brixton. As Cherry Groce rose from bed to see what was going on, she was shot, leaving her paralysed for the rest of her life and sparking the Brixton uprising of 1985. In this episode of The Justice Gap Podcast, the author and Cherry’s son Lee Lawrence speaks to Calum McCrae.

You can click the image above for snippets  of discussion, for full interrview click embeded link below and or listen to podcast out on iTunes, Spotify and on thejusticegap.com too.

Click to Read More: https://www.thejusticegap.com/episode-5-the-louder-i-will-sing/

Black Lives Matter Movement won an Ethnicity Award for ‘Media Moment’ 2020

We were honoured to accept the award and with you are collaborating for change

The Black Lives Matter Movement were publicly voted as the most important Media Moment of the year alongside 9 other diverse and important nominees  If you’d like to look at the full list, please look here: ethnicityawards.com 



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