Mobilising the Power to Gain Freedom from Systemic Oppression

Racism and racist thrive like a creeping evil around the world when Black folks do nothing and White folks fall silent. Black Lives Matter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: To avoid confusion and for definite clarity – WE, BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK are NOT affiliated or associated with BLM US, CANDADA, UK chapters, the political organisation operating and registered as the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Inc, neither are we affiliated or associated with @ukblm the political collective and BLM chapter affiliated with BLM US and registered in the UK under the name of the Black Liberation Movement UK. Neither are we operating politically and or affiliated with any political parties or groups here in the UK or abroad. We are along with many others fighting for equality and justice in the Black Lives Matter Movement, the cause and movement for racial equality, equity, social and criminal justice for Black Lives to Matter to exist equally in all these areas that white people are privileged and already enjoy.

What's the difference between Black Lives Matter UK BlackLivesMatter.UK and UKBLM?


Separate entities, distinct with divergent in ideologies, economic and political theory and policy, both equally in solidarity fighting and calling for racial equality, social justice for Black lives to matter.


BLM the political collective and BLM Chapter in the UK, known as ukblm as well as Black Liberation is a self-proclaimed Black Lives Matter political organisation affiliated with Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation

Black Lives Matter

Global Network Foundation (GNF)

US registered charity

ukblm alos known as Black Liberation Movement

Registered as a community benefitsocietyunder the nameBlack Liberation

Global Network Foundation (GNF)

US registered charity


Independent platform and project working in partnership with general public contributions and annoymous funders to provide grants funding to community organisation and deliver grassroots, educational projects (funding available and permitting).



Black Lives Matter UK, BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK, is aligned with the many smaller groups and chapter in various countries and as a global Black Lives Matter Movement - a social and civil rights concern to stand (up) for Black Lves Matter..


Our intention is to also play a role and be the revolutionary movement of today and tomorrow... until the job is done and to be revolutionary economised, to have a seat at every table without exclusion. We are the Black Lives Matter Movement UK and movement to uplift Black lives - If you're with us then you are part of the Black Lives Matter Movement in dismantling to eradicate racism!


The peoples Black Lives Matter Movement by large is independent from the BLM political organisations, co-existing in the same space fighting for the same cause and end result, to finally end and eradicate systemic racism.


The BLM organisation openly states it is a political organisation and say some members are Marxist, similar to and affiliated with the BLM organisation US, in contrast and in summary the Black Lives Matter Movement is a civil rights movement united across the world preceded by decades-long campaign by people from the African Diaspora, African decent and our like-minded allies to end racial discrimination that grossly disenfranchises Black and Brown citizens.


The BLM political organisation and the peoples civil Black Lives Matter Movement should not be confused neither conflated as one nor defined as a shared political structure, which it is not.


The main difference between, how the people Black Lives Matter Movement operate for change and ukblm aka Black Liberation Movement is the Black Lives Matter Movement are not working from a political stance, have a political agenda or shared collective political view and point of demands. We are functioning from a humanitarian pedestal and standpoint aligned and in tune with the wider Black Lives Matter Movement that the public support, which is the civil rights movement in its struggle for racial justice and equality, which is grossly denied.


Black Lives Matter Movement globally is made up of many numbers of organisations, coalition, collective, groups that include members, activists, supporting individuals in taking up the mantle as a powerful collective under the same umbrella and banner of Black Lives Matter.


We work in parallel, taking various and different paths cut to the cloth of the organisation, coalition, collective, group, cause BUT all striving to get the same end goal, for Black lives to be valued and to really matter.


The Black Lives Matter Movement has long existed in various forms over many decades, centuries under varying names as a civil right, social and political movement active and operating side by side. And it’s no different today, other than the connectivity, connective exposure to group, re-group and tell our story far and wide. We now have louder together, as collective voices than ever before that will be heard and will not silenced.


The civil rights movement during 1896–1954 was a long, primarily nonviolent series of events to bring full civil rights and equality under the law to all Americans. The era has had a lasting impact on American society, increased social and legal acceptance of civil rights, and in its exposure of the prevalence and effects of racism.


However, most of us think of the Civil Rights movement that took place in the transitional 1950s and the tumultuous 1960s, with the defiance of Rosa Parks (1955) and the demise of Martin Luther King Jr. (1968). And other prominent figures such as Malcom X, The Black Panther Party, originally, that was a political organization founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966. Let us not forget our own British movement! The Mangrove Nine: Echoes of Back Lives Matter 50 years ago


There’s been no better time for change, that includes civil, social and political tools, tactics and strategies to create the change we need, and we can do this by whatever peaceful means at our disposal – What we do know is we will never go back to the status quo, the time to end racism is right here and now!


Some recent political groups have been operating for a number of years with the ukblm coalitions politically active in the UK since 2016, however the political route does not suit the average majority who have a voice too on how we dismantle racism.


The ordinary public frequently confuse us the Black Lives Matter Movement as the BLM political organisation, this is not helped by mainstream news media, reporting news reports conflating the two and also much due to ukblm aka the Black Liberation Movement inordinately claiming ownership to all names under the umbrellas of Black Lives Matter UK, this isn’t helpful to the public in regards to distinguishing the non-political movement to the political agenda of ukblm. Regrettable, this confusion greatly serves to benefits the racists and far right movement, good stories for the press and media to conflate the two as a political concern rather than and a civil right as social justice issue for their own political agenda and propaganda to stem the powerful rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement pushing forward to racial equality and breaking down White supremacy.


Black Lives Matter statement is simple and clear in its words and phrase as a conceptual unit and statement that is easy to understand and appreciate and be aligned too- Black Lives Matter - and is an unowned global collection consisting of ideas, grassroots initiatives and shared interest of many and various concerns calling out anti-black racism, inequalities, and social injustices.


Our cause, movement and stand are humanitarian, a concern and with benefactors working for change. We are NOT a political concern having political agenda or political campaigns; we operate on the basis that is our human right to receive equality and justice humanly equal to any other categorised race.


Many people feel uneasy, uncomfortable with the political agenda of ukblm, aka the Black Liberation Movement, demands such as defunding the police, and previous mentions of abolishment of prisons. It doesn't mean groups with political agendas are erroneous or invalid in points, ideas, and agenda, nor does it mean they have no valid points of issue and concerns to explore to better understand further and in detail.


There is some obvious similarities amongst coalition, divisions, groups, activist, individuals supporting and within the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as major difference - such as between us, blacklivesmatteruk and UKBLM, the organisation that is an active political division made up of a member led coalition of activists.


UKBLM having stated "We are a multitude, but we are not everyone".


We believe their statement is accurate and fair in its judgement, understanding they are not for everyone, they do not represent every Black person, social justice activist group, organisation or concern that support and believe Black Lives Matter and that not all agree or believe in their way. They have played a impactful role and have made impact for everyone to look up and take note.


We are, mutually in tune, in our aims to achieve racial equality and the end goal of dismantling and ending systemic and structural racism. There are clear major differences when it comes to how we achieve our goal and through what aims, objectives and path we choose to achieve change and racial equality. We believe racism transcends politics and our paths in this respect are quite stark in our differences, we believe we hold the voice of the masses, of ordinary, everyday people with power in their hands, empathy in their heart and soul, and who can hold influence in communities, in business to up lift Black Lives rather than the political "multitudes" maybe with less power or political influence to bring majority on board to create the change we all need as a nation in unity. The a bull in a china shop are like oil and water in a pan all come tumbling down, going their separate ways. We on the other hand aim to work hand in a fitting glove.


We do as ukblm believe too there is room for us all on this burdensome, arduous and traumatic journey in dismantling anti-black racism, we all have an important role, a voice, as a collective as well as an onerous vital and pivotal role to take on the responsibility to tip the balance and to end anti-black and in fact all known discriminations.




We do believe majority of supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement have less interest in pursuing and or supporting a political tactical path, or actively supporting political campaigns nor have or desire political agenda distracting progress, rather preferring a humanitarian path with mutual desires to achieve racial equality.


Majority of Black Britain’s, whether born or nationalised, Black, White, Brown believes in democracy and for citizen’s right to vote and a choice is that is personal, each to its own as full and equal citizens of the nation. Our interest and commitment for racial equality and social justice transcends beyond the shores of the UK BUT our focus is in the UK with a few steps at time to topple the ugly system that institutes racism at home.


MORE INFORMATION: We did NOT register as a political party in Sep 2020 and nor did UKBLM, aka Black Liberation Movement and we have absolutely no intention or desire to become political, in fact we formally opposed the ‘Black Lives Matter’ registration with the electoral commission for a political party to register under the name  Black Lives Matter that will only serves to distract from the massive strides and gains by the movement we've achieved in recent times - we need to use the valuable historic period to maximise the growth of the Black Lives Matter Movement, in unity and with our allies participating in dismantling structural absence and exclusion of Black and Brown people, rather to be able act as a full and active citizen, to receive invitations to a seat at the same table, instead of equal opportunities still being denied to Black and Brown people. We want to fully participate and as full citizen on a fair and level playing field.


- Black Lives Matter.



Is Black Lives Matter UK and the Black Lives Movement a Black led cause?

Black Lives Matter UK is certainly Black led and the movement itself is fundamentally a Black led civil rights movement made up of many numbers of organisations, coalition, groups, activist, individuals with interest and includes citizens of all nations, all categorised races assembling and standing side by side in solidarity in communities around the globe.


Some have political aims, objective, by enlarge is a mass social and civil rights movement that doesn’t necessary include political aims and demands of all set groups BUT like any other national issue and concern that is hugely detrimental to citizens health, wealth, life opportunities are political will and interest to create systematic changes and more important a social and cultural of the mind-set to the nation. A cultural shift that does not exclude its own citizen based on colour of the skin. A country, state that is actionable in dismantling any characteristics form of racism from its national DNA make up that may have thought was unchangeable.


When the United Kingdom acknowledges its own racism, effectively break down and eradicate its home-grown deep-rooted racism, and only then can it be brazen enough to say as Boris Johnson, Prime Minster stated after race report 2021 “UK should be 'model for other white majority countries”


By far the Black Lives Matter movement is inclusive, made up of the of ordinary, everyday people who demand equal human right to racial equality, social and criminal justice, historically and long been denied. That is the cause.


There are many, fighting for civil rights, social and criminal justice protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black and brown people and this importantly includes activists among us as a confrontational energising force and component working side by side with all categorised races and groups who actively choose to take the baton, some taking to the streets, many acting in solidarity in communities for racial equality and strongly against injustices.

While there are specific organisations such as the Black Lives Matter Global Network in the US the Black Lives Matter movement comprises of a broad array of people, activists, groups and organisations.

The slogan "Black Lives Matter" the phrase, statement remains untradmarked, unowned by any group and the broader movement and its related organisations who typically advocate against police violence toward black people as well as for various other social policies to dismantle and end systemic and structural racism.



– ‘Black Lives Matter’ must matter right here in the United Kingdom and across the world. We must not provide a safe space for racists or racism.


For Black lives to matter inevitable White people must face up to fair change, and that change is coming.


Changed must come.



Stand with us against racism. Black Lives Matter.


Peace & Unity



Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement?

NO, Black Lives Matter Movement is NOT a Marxist Movement; the movement is made up from everday people, citizens of every nation, and equally having as much differing political views as in any free thinking democracy.

The Black Lives Matter Movement itself is not a Marxist movement of any other set certitude.


Banding the Black Lives Matter Movement as Marxist is either due to lack of understanding and listening to hear say, and or used as propaganda to distract to push forward to racial equality

The UKBLM aka The Black Liberation Movement states it too is not a Marxist organisation, however, goes on to say - "some, not all of its members are Marxists". They write “all are anti-capitalists.”


Whether a person claims to be Marxist, or direct opposite Capitalist and or sitting anywhere in between has the right to self-determination own political views and beliefs that should not be used to distract from what is a human right to racial equality and any political belief does not define the entire Black Lives Matter Movement.


Freedom Democracy:

Every person has the right and freedom of thought, belief, possessing a political opinion, the choice to fulfil or not to fulfil the requirements of his chosen religion. Nobody can dominate other opinions and consciences.


The freedom of conscience is considered as one of the most important natural rights of a person and may not be infringed upon.


The Black Lives Matter Movement, which is enlarge a global civil rights movement are arguably NOT or to be operating in the capacity of a political movement, nor anti-capitalist.


We do not attempt to influence or persuade political persuasions  

and or take away the freedom of democracy.


What's your position on Modern Nuclear Family?

We believe in the evolving family unit, and changing modern world of acceptance, inclusion, autonomy, and the right to equality, meaning equal to and accepted as is the 'traditional family' unit. A society where everyone belongs and not excluded.


We believe in a family chosen living unit, the right to live in a world and belong without stigmatisation.


This includes parents and child/children living under one roof.


This not only includes biological children, but adopted, and stepchildren.


Nuclear families have evolved over time, and the outdated concept of a nuclear family including only 2 parents of opposite sexes is no longer seen as the norm or culturally correct. Today a nuclear family includes parents that has identities including LGBTQIA. This means that parents in a nuclear family may or may not be legally married, may share gender identity, and have chosen to raise a child/children together.


Did you organise protests of 2020?

No, we did not organise the protest of 2020, in reaction to the George Floyd killing, however fully supported the human response and citizens right to protest in towns, cities and villages up, down and right across the UK and with millions across the world in outrage.

We support member and citizens of our nation to use the civil right to protest, group, to assembly and march in protest for issues and social justice that may affect their lives.


Mass protests on the streets are often spontaneous, outraged soon after gross injustices have occurred, similarity as witnessed after the murder of George Floyd. The public know when to protest and did so in masses when George Floyd was so murdered in broad day light in sun an heinous, callous inhumane way and we absolutely support the right to peaceful, non-violent protest.

The day our government takes away citizens civil right and freedom to protest is the day citizen will take to the streets.

We believe is all of our duty to make trouble, “good trouble” to create and environment for the changes we need to see.



“Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”   

  ~ John Lewis 8/6/2020 

How are  financial supporting contributions used?

So far, almost 100% of what we do has been funded by members of the public. We refuse major donors funding with criteria to fit their agenda rather than ours, we will not allow our voice to be dampened dowm, or silenced in any way to collaborate, partnerships with any bodies that constrain our action and progress. for racial equality.


Monthly contributions support to help us plan ahead and work more effectively, but giving a one-off donation helps sustain our visibility and more besides, please click here to become a supporter.


Financial contributions received for the work we do and the individuals, organisations and causes we support (subject to availabilty) are relatively tiny to what many members of the public assume in comparisons to the donations and funding ukblm received reported during year 2020 via their gofundme page and what Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation US raised in public outpouring and donations. 

In fact, financial contribution has greatly reduced since 2020, year after year and for many reasons too, not least the cost of living, and the world economy situation that’s affecting us all and is now all but a trickle, a trickle that greatly appreciated, nonetheless. The support we need just as much in fact even more to move the world on in racial equality is support from humanity for humankind so that Black Lives will Matter to you and others. So, keep spreading the word and continue to do social acts of humanity wherever you are to create social change where you at, these local, micro acts matter and serve and will change the world, collectively. One act at a time and change will come. -

Changee must come.

We, are NOT affiliated with Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation or its BLM global Chapters and political groups, nor have we have asked for or ever received funding, grants from either or any other political group.


Supportive contributions help us manage, maintain, update, and sustain our web-platform, to add relevant website content with useful information and resources.  And so vitally important and in addition is our 24/7 offline work in helping, assisting member of the public who reach out, this includes adults, young people, children, organisations along with co-ordinating volunteers in the community, working on projects and to continue to form creative effective partnerships with educational establishments, supporting community projects and through education. charities of various sorts, public and commercial businesses that support us and believe Black Lives Matter. Our aim commercially is for Black people to become economised and successful in business and Black businesses to grow and thrive.


Contributions made is very much appreciated enabling us to continue being in the front-line making impact and waves. Donors help us to continue raising awareness of the existence and existing injustices, inequalities of racism and racial equality many still wish to deny Black people, to this day, 


We are NOT a UK registered charity or have a wish or desire to take the traditional route to become a UK registered charity. The method we choose is to retain autotomy to act in our own best interest and not under the restricted rules, constraints and in the interest of working and governed under the ‘charity’ commission rules and regulations that don't work for us or help us move and progress to racial equality, HOWEVER, we do charitable work for the Black Lives Matter Movement and cause Choosing NOT to register as a UK charity places us in a position where we are in control of our direction BUT not eligible for government and other public funding and often do not fit the criteria for additional funding bodies. Nevertheless, this is the way we choose and will continue this route. We will NOT register as a charity in the conventional way some may prefer and or even expect of us.


We receive a relatively small steam of funding contribution, some from supporting members of the public for our work, from members, and from silent donors, independent persons and companies, organisations contributions, these are businesses and individuals with great passion for change that do not bind us to their personal or own brand benefits, Support, giving and contributions is given with goodwill from those who believe Black Lives Matter and have the desire to see changes.


The majority of our small income 75% after tax, administration expenses is distributed as funding to grassroots Black-led community organisations and projects, we are keen to focus funding towards the younger generation, to prevent Black children being unfairly excluded from school and education, criminalised at a young and disproportionately incarcerated into the prison system, funding is also extended to educate children of all categorised race, the adults of the future and some will one day have positions of power, run and help to run the country and must develop empathy and a sense of equality and justice for mankind.

Our funding supports those traumatised by racism to help begin to heal, understanding and knowing their worth and the problem is of no fault or doing of their own, doesn’t lie with them. Racism and hate lie with the racist mind supported and held up by systemic racism, systematic and institutional racism and a government after government without the strength and they will want to create a fairer society and serves in interest of its own image.


The remainder, 25% provide out of pocket support for our key workers who do the daily grind, grafting behind the scenes and the heavy lifting may don't want or choose to do, we do much of the work so those living through racism and anti-racist don’t have too.

With this work we don’t expect those doing the heavy lifting (that only a few get to see), to slave and work, doing it for nothing, Black people need to survive at best thrive equally, to earn a living and be paid for the work they do too, even if only a gesture of appreciation when providing a critical and vital support service 24/7 for Black and Brown people in need and on a daily basis, we know this from our heavily loaded, often trauma, lives experienced weighed down inbox.


Thousands of citizens have contacted us for support, often in crisis, some requiring short term support, maybe advice and or signposting; some need us to be a sound box, a listening ear to get it off their chest when no one else will listen without gas lighting. Sadly, too many have no one else to turn to in moment of need when they are exhausted, alone and are burnt out with the daily trauma and years, life term effects of racism.


We are also a valuable connective source, a high profile web-platform, a movement creating waves and making new working partnership, working toward major business collaboration, revolutionary changes like never before, we aim to economise the black world in business, open doors and create opportunities that have been long denied, helping to join the dots with likeminded people, progressive companies, business and organisation protagonist of and real change, because Black Lives Matter.


The revolutionary will be economised


The journey is long, but we do expect to get there, and if you would like to be part of the movement for change, please support us to continue our journey. 

Why are names, faces, postal address and phone numbers not listed on this website?

Racism is real and known to be violent, particularly at times Black people stand up for their rights confronting the oppressor of its wilful inhumane behaviour. History has long shown our fight for justice is as real as the living racist we fight against whose sole aim is to maintain and retain dominance over black bodies - when it’s time to demand rights for racial equality racists, the White supremacists are up in arms and will endeavour to distract from the course of fair justice instead uses its influence and established resources of narrative to swerve to a negative and authoritarian place of discourse


Black Lives Matter is mostly made up of ordinary, everyday people with a passion for change, for racial equality and social justice. Some are customer, public-facing employees, individuals, including number of high profiles faces as well as the unknown.


Effects of racism is often impartial, does not favour the famous, celebrity, the infamous or the casual known - when it gets down to the core, in the face of anti-black racism it spits out at us in the same way.


What’s important is that each has families to safeguard and protect, many have children, and all have personal, private responsibilities as well as public duties and must be able to have the freedom and right to go about their everyday lives and business without enduring further acts of racism, race hate all for trying to do what’s right to create racial equality for all citizens.


Fame or infamy is never a desire for our members and or supporters, the cause and the movement is bigger than any one or few individual figures to be known as the face of Black Lives Matter Movement. Black Lives Matter is a movement for all, belongs to everyone who is anti-racist and believes in racial equality.


Sadly, members have known to face hostility from lone opportunist and targeted attack from racists, from far-right groups and the right-wing press, and we choose and will not open ourselves to the mercy of bigoted racists or provide news feed stories to help pay wages to be snakes soon after. And while opportunities are being denied to Black and Brown people due to racism, nor will we be free fodder and entertainment for racist to hate on and troll, we value ourselves to be better than less and so our priority is to ensure our members are safe.

We believe that we can continue to grow as a movement, continue to gain traction and able to do the work we are called to do, the work we need to do, and must do whilst also making sure our members are safe and can live the best life possible under the current climate or racism.


And therefore we will not name and publish names of our members, address or contact numbers same applies for our supporters unless they wish to go public at any given time, as their right and prerogative.


Until Black lives matter, White or any other lives cannot matter anymore than.



You can reach the team by clicking the button below.