7 Black Americans Express Their Rage In The 1960s

David Hoffman: Film maker

"...meaningful documentary material expressing it articulate...

Does it sound like today? In some ways yes. With the murder of George Floyd, people have gone into the streets again and some of what I present here could sound like it was recorded in 2020."


ITV Launches On Screen Black Voices Initiative

ITV have launched a series of short films offering black people a platform to share stories of racism and their vision of changes they believe should happen. The aim is to promote understanding and discussion around a cause of profound importance, in order to contribute towards inspiring long term change.

ITV will feature a range of people discussing their experiences of racism, including MPs Helen Grant and David Lammy, founder of Operation Black Vote Lord Simon Woolley, journalist Charlene White, Emmerdale actor Jay Kontzle and other colleagues from across ITV.

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Stand against discrimination
Stand against discrimination
We must all stand against discrimination now.

It has gone on for too long with no real appropriate action. People need to open their minds to the fact that every living soul on this Earth has a right to live unhampered by ignorance and hatred.

The events leading up to this revolutionary stand against the sheer, blatant mistreatment of coloured races are absolutely disgusting and it is time to make a stand against all such injustice.
Racism daily
Racism daily
u suffer racism on a daily basis
We bleed the same blood
We bleed the same blood
I'm White, yet I believe black people should be treated the same, if you cut a black person and a white person , we bleed the same blood. It's both red, and we both bleed.

Hi to All,


I have loved the African American, Native American and all KNEE on the THROAT Races in the world, but mainly USA for obvious reasons. African American music affected my life at age 14 up to 64 and as now. I have followed the hurt, inhumanity, degradation as though it was me.

I’m a white privileged (4 brothers, no father, state school, free meals & council house, 2 brothers and myself were brought up in orphana
White teacher with Black colleagues...
White teacher with Black colleagues...
I'm a white teacher with Black colleagues and students in a very white environment. I want them to know I will raise my voice for them and with them, learning and teaching my students the past and present of Black people in our world.

I am integrating more Black voices into my classroom so the words I teach are not just my own.
White people get very uncomfortable when you refer to them as such, yet they have the strength to refer to other races without wincing. It makes me sick to the stomach how these people can go through their lives without even an acknowledgement of black pain.

They will raise hell over plastic waste, animal cruelty ie fur, yet turn a blind eye to human suffering and have the audacity to imagine black peoples pain is imagined...
Worse than you think...
Worse than you think...
It is worse than you think.

Have sent an email. The MP's the Trade Unions Anti bullying Solicitors Barrister's even EHRC department, Disability Law Service, have written to ALL these organisations & as soon as you use the word 'race discrimination...'

NOBODY is willing to help. When you mention it is a large multinational company & you have all the evidence, people think you are mad.
All human beings
All human beings
We are all human beings.

We all matter.

How dare anyone say otherwise.
Maintain the pressure
Maintain the pressure
Keep up the fight and maintain the pressure on the government.

British colonial history on the national curriculum. Keep the pressure on to no longer airbrush 1000 years of Black history in Britain and the lost 400 years of slavery. Keep the pressure on explaining to the indigenous White people of Britain on how slavery built the wealth of this country and provided the fuel to accelerate the 'Industrial Revolution'.

Lets keep the pressure to enact change now and in the future.

Infant School Teacher
Infant School Teacher
I work in a infant school as a Teacher Assistant for last 20 years. My female white head teacher and group of her female white Teacher harassed all this time, insulted me at work and made me cry at work on numerous occasion. They bullied me so many times at work. They have given very low level work although my skill and ability better than others.

They always treated me bad because of the colour of my skin. I feel so humiliated and go through depression very frequently. I don’t where to turn to
Saddened + Angered
Saddened + Angered
I am Caucasian, have been saddened + angered by what I have seen this year.

I AM SORRY we stayed silent, we didn't know but we do now. You have my word I will speak up to everyone in my life. Black people humble me by their continued humility, forgiveness and dignity but you should not have to be this way, It is up to white people to address the issues WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for. Please believe that white people owe you and we know it!!
Traumatized at the racism
Traumatized at the racism
I'm actually traumatized at the racism that has happened in the past few weeks in America and across England.

Police brutality should come to an end.

My condolences to the family of the loved ones that lost their sons/daughters due to racism. It is shocking. The reason why I'm saying this is because I want to speak on behalf of George Floyd's family and all the other families in America mostly. We must show no peace.

We must show no mercy. I'm not fully 'black' myself however I am from an Afr


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Black Brown and White People  have remained silent for too long. No more.

We are providing a free space to make some noise. You're not alone. You don't have to fight alone. 

In solidarity we stand. Make some BLACK NOISE noise that will reverberate and echo for decades to come.

Create BLACK NOISE until black citizens receive equality, equity and parity to White citizens.

Fight even though your mind and bodies are tired and then fight some more, fight for justice and equality today and tomorrow and then the next day. We'll continue the fight as long as it takes and we need you to fight right alongside  us.

Send us a message and we can continue to fight together...It's not over until it's over.