Author: Tomi Khatim - Abbey College Cambridge



Tomi Khatim has thought of many possible titles, but feels that her words do not, as yet, have a title that really does justice to the powerful feelings expressed and hopes that those reading this work might help by suggesting ideas.

We invite you to engage and suggest a title for the poem.

In on-line lessons, after the completion of students English Literature ‘A’ level course, English Literature teacher Nigel Tattersfield challenged his students to write creatively in response to an image they found inspiring. 

What you are reading here is what Tomi Khatim wrote in response to the images from across the world of protest in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.


We think it’s important to include, listen and hear voices of all young people. How do they feel, how do they feel about racism, their black experience and what effects them, what they would like to tell us and may want you to know.


The murder of George Floyd on Monday 25th May 2020, USA highlighted and brought to the surface racial discrimination against black people and was felt right across the globe.


Racism still exist and is thriving right here in Britain, often brushed under the very British carpet sustained by WHITE SILENCE.


If you would or know someone who is creative, may be written, drawing, painting, art piece can be in various forms and would like to share don't hesitate get in touch.


We're unable to published all, however every piece submitted will be read, and who knows there maybe another opportunity, another space, another time where you and your work gets to shine!


We ALSO welcome and will include creative work regardless of ethnicity and skin colour as long as it is relating to black lives, racism, celebrations, black culture, here in the UK and or around the world.


Use our space to be creative; we have the space use it!

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