Leslie sent us his thoughts and reflection; he went on to tell us as a father to mixed race children his son has suffered racism in Northamptonshire, in school so he and his Caribbean partner moved back to in London. When he returned to London to get away from racism he was truly shocked at the level of ignorance and racism still existing. He himself has been on the receiving end of racism, and at one point called a Wigger! And that was in a diverse place as London.

He's really glad that the subject of racism is being highlighted, acknowledging it has been so covert for so long that eyes have been closed to it and its time to wake people up! 

Leslie is not sure it's powerful enough to gain effect, but he wants to share the idea and concept, if you imagine it’s your family. Imagine this...


"Upon some reflection this afternoon it occurred to me that maybe if people were to try and imagine their family being abducted, divided and never knowing the fate of their love ones, this could possibly be a strong message to learn from regarding the sufferings of Black People.


That said, I put my thoughts to writing and would like to share this for use if you think it could be an effective message.


I mean no offence with my words; they are sincerely designed to pull at heart strings and to send a strong message to those who are ignorant to the truth."

If you would like to contribute to this platform to tell a story, a poem, maybe you have have something, feel free to contact us and let us know!


Help eradicate racism from Britain and the world.